Mobility and the Effect on the Art of Marketing

Posted November 09, 2016 by caperion

Marketing strategy historically has been all about the brand. How should the brand be portrayed? What elements need to be featured of the product to attract the buyers? These questions are still relevant and important but have consequently been lowered on the priority chain due to advances in technology and demands of consumers.

Gone are the days of marketing being a one-sided conversation. Everyone is invited to participate now. Brand reputation is not only built by the product or service offered, but by the conversation these brands are choosing to participate in. Brands are forced to be social and in turn, are being accessed through the devices we as humans use to be social—phones and tablets.

According to an article by Daniela La Marca with MediaBuzz, there are three major factors contributing to the influence of digital marketing—mobility being one of them. As a part of this digital transformation, brand consistency across all channels is key to the customer experience.

Products and services will be researched on a tablet, seen on television, talked about on social networks, and purchased via an app. This is the new customer journey. What does this ultimately mean for marketers? It means data consolidation resulting in a more individualized experience for the consumer.

As a brand, consumers almost expect you to know what they want and don’t want to see, hear or experience, and this knowledge will be easier and easier to maintain due to marketing being accessed through mobile devices. Since the launch of smartphones, the quantity and quality of the data being collected is staggering. Every click, scroll, entrance and exit to a geofenced location, email open, Instagram like, Facebook share, etc. are points that can be tracked, analyzed and used to individualize the content that is being shared.

Research and data are key to making sure that your marketing strategy is targeting the right audience with a message that resonates and will ultimately drive revenue.


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