Altering the Marketing Value Proposition

This focus was, at times born out of well-considered strategy. However, in many instances the strategy was discounted to satisfy a tactical reaction based on other stimuli.

At Caperion, we believe it’s time to alter this history and begin to elevate the value of marketing within healthcare. We have worked for a number of years redefining the value proposition of marketing, particularly in healthcare. In partnership with other healthcare marketing executives, physicians and clinical leaders, Caperion developed a formula to guide marketing activity designed to drive greater accountability.

Why Continue to Live In a World Where Marketing is Considered a Cost Center?

Marketing budgets continue to be scrutinized both for efficacy and spend. Identifying measurable campaign objectives with anticipated return on investment and reporting progress against the objective on a consistent basis positions marketing within the C-Suite as an accountable, revenue producing department.

We Know Healthcare.

There’s no other agency that understands healthcare like we do. That’s a bold statement that we can back up with over 60+ years of experience on the delivery, supply and payor sides of this vertical. Not only do we know healthcare, we know how to generate revenue right to the bottom-line of hospital systems; we have demonstrated proof. Call us – we would love to help your marketing efforts become a revenue producer instead of a cost center.