Higher Education


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Who we are
& what we do

We’re Caperion, a marketing and strategy consultancy located in suburban Indy. We believe there’s a new state to the marketing discipline–a state focused on improving revenue and/or customer intelligence. ACCOUNTABILITY. And to this end, we believe higher education institutions have opportunity to improve the ROI of their marketing. How? Please keep reading.

Marketing is not a cost center,
if done right

Digital disruption has hit most every corner of business and industry, and marketing is no exception. At Caperion, we’ve thought a lot about this and have developed a strategic solution we call the Cycle of Success. Here’s what it looks like and how it works:


We engage with your segments via digital media assets


This drives website contact, and if our incentive is strong enough, commerce occurs


When commerce happens, so does the opportunity to build your CRM data.
The effect? Maximize ROI, and over time,
this machine gets even more efficient–further improving ROI.

KPI Myth vs. Reality

Some folks who half way know anything about business and/or marketing like to throw around words like “attribution” or phrases like “cost of conversion/acquisition.” While all are meaningful metrics, they can get in the way of understanding something more important and fundamental:

Did We Make Money?
Did We Learn Something About Our Customer?

This is what we think ROI is. Remember, it was Einstein that said, “God always takes the simplest way.” At Caperion, we really like simple.

Experience Set

Berea College:

We’re in the midst of launching the Digital Triad with this historic college. Please check back.

St. Mary-of-the-Woods College:

Lots of academic institution websites get clunky and chunky and in the process, devolve user experience. St. Mary-of-the-Woods College doesn’t have that problem anymore.