Our Approach


How we work

More messages from more channels on more devices. Dizzying speed. Fragmented focus. Finding the smartest, straightest way to connect with your customers has never been more challenging. That’s why Caperion digs deep to learn what’s most important. Creates relevant messages and deploys them with digital precision. Measures results and course-corrects to make sure we stay on the path, a “Strategic Engagement Path.”

It keeps us accountable. It gets you where you want to go.

Customer Intelligence

Research that isn’t actionable is a waste of money. Intelligence that brings you closer to your customer – their behaviors, their motivations, their quirks and contradictions, their aspirations and their baggage – is invaluable. To us, Customer Intelligence means digging beneath the numbers to truly understand what really matters to your customers.

Continuously learning more about the individuals who consume your product or service is one of the central roles of marketing.

Strategic Messaging

Marketing messages aren’t about telling your story to customers anymore. It’s about learning their stories so you can become, and remain, a relevant part of their lives.

Beyond contextual content, we look for ways to improve the customer experience. In the digital conversation, we look for learning opportunities with every click, tweet, like and user review. Ways to enhance customer convenience. Broaden their access. Earn their loyalty.

Converged Execution

How do you have a meaningful conversation with customers when their attention is split between streaming videos and text messages and Snapchat photos and email alerts and live TV, simultaneously?

By being where they are, at the right time, and by leveraging the right kind media for the best efficiency:

  • Owned media – your website, social channels, email campaigns, podcasts, videos and published content.
  • Earned media – not just media relations, but thought leadership papers, blogs, and guest posts to external blogs.
  • Paid media – the traditional universe of “advertising” venues has expanded to include advertorials and a multitude of digital targeting, placement, buying and optimization options.
  • Shared media – an extension of earned media designed to be valuable, relevant and snackable for your most influential audiences
Social Sphere Diagram

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Illustration adapted from Brian Solis. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Results-Driven Optimization

Change your message. A-B test. Wrong photo. Abandoned carts. Lackluster user reviews. Sluggish registration. The flow of data doesn’t simply allow you to make business decisions faster. It demands it.

The best plans can always be improved if you’re willing to change. We are. We believe that if you’re not being nimble and responsive, you’re simply not paying attention.